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 May 19th-25th 2023






All Inclusive Stay


Included talks & classes


additional CLASSES

Camp Boudoir

The all Inclusive 

We will be hosting all traveling photographers at Camp Olowalu in Maui!

This ticket will include:

  • Stay in the gorgeous A-frame cabins that sleep 6. This private area is only for us, so you'll be able to slumber with your new besties in peace.

  • We will have a private chef to cook beautiful and nutritious food and will even be offering Gluten free & Vegan options along with local fare. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner will be included everyday.

  • The Camp Pass for all the free talks, Q & A panels, and an editing class will be hosted in our private hall to get you all inspired, even if you travel in and don't take any classes!

  • A Sunset Shootout at Camp with beautiful models hosted by Hannah Rachael & Christina Meerloo.

  • Downtime between workshops can be used to explore the island with uber, paddle board the open water, snorkel along the camps reefs, or unwind on the beach. 

It is extremely important that we host all traveling students at camp to keep this trip sustainable and eco-friendly. We will be going extra lengths to respect the land and to give more than we take. Maui is a truly powerful island full of amazing humans that deserve our utmost respect. We will have heavily enforced camp rules to ensure the safety of students and protect the island, water, and reefs.  


Our home for the week...

The Cabins

Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 11.36.51 PM.png

Our Chef

I never planned on being a chef. I knew that my strengths were organization, healing, and creation. I went to a traditional culinary school, but I never had a desire to be stuck in a high stress, windowless kitchen for minimum wage and claw my way up.

To me, food was about stories, sharing, and healing. I was more comfortable in the front-of-house in restaurants, where I could interact personally with people around food, even though I wasn’t preparing it.

It wasn’t until I began teaching cooking classes that I found a way to combine hospitality and cooking. From there I began cooking for retreats and had a crazy dream that I might be able to make a living creating healing foods and supporting transformational gatherings through food.

I moved from San Francisco to Maui, dedicated to following this crazy dream, and shifted all my energy into learning about healing through food and building a business.


All inclusive


Whether you live on the island or you're joining us from the mainland, classes are easy to add into your schedule to fully customize your experience! 

Most of our students purchase multiple classes so they can learn as much as possible on the trip! Classes are timed so you can easily get from one location to the other. Some classes are being held in different locations some days, so extra travel time has been added to the schedule to get from one location to another, but all are walking distance from the cabins.

If you are a local photographer living on Maui, get your mandatory Camp Pass here to recieve your 50% off codes!

A la cart Classes




Hannah Rachael Photography is back with her most requested class, but this time in beach front mansion located just off camp. I’ll be teaching you all of my behind the scenes tips and tricks to create jaw dropping cinematic works of art in camera that feel right out of a movie! Full of dramatic styling and using everyday items to create sexy imagery that tells a story even in the smallest of spaces.  1 Hour Class with 1 Hour portfolio building shoot time.





This class is for art lovers. With over a decade of art education and a minor in Art History, Tina will show you how she garners inspiration from the Dutch greats like Vermeer and Rembrandt to create timeless imagery. This on location class will touch upon theory, with a concentration on universal posing, finding the light and setting the stage for your masterpiece in a stunning historical beachside home. 

30 min class time, 30 min demo shooting and 1 hour portfolio building shoot time. 


Shannon Dougherty

Learn how to add drama and fashion influence to your boudoir sessions to create magazine worthy images that wow your clients!


Editorial Inspired Boudoir Sessions





Learn how to create a couples boudoir experience with impact!

Here we learn how to harness your clients unique relationship strengths to create an experience that extends far beyond their session. 

Learn how to create intimate moments of connection for your clients through a guided session. 

We walk through how to set up a couples session, from session preparation, styling, client coaching, session flow, posing, and aftercare. 





This LIVE demo makeup class will encompass everything from makeup design, different lighting and application techniques, ways to change your business mindset and book more boudoir clients, and SO MUCH MORE. Learn makeup techniques, book more boudoir beauty jobs, and get expansive e-packet with product lists.



& Tina

Content Catamaran Cocktail Cruise


Join Hannah and Tina on a sunset catamaran cruise around Molokai and HoloHolo and BRING THOSE CAMERAS! 


This is your chance to create jaw dropping marketing content at sunset on a boat with your boudie besties, this is the perfect time to plan for trades! 


This is a content and cocktail cruise where you will have access to a wonderful open bar, small finger foods and some of the best scenery you can imagine while you mingle, shoot and have an amazing time. 


We will be there to guide you and share some of our favorite outdoor shooting tips and tricks. Come *dressed* as this is the perfect excuse for you to get your own personal images that will absolutely set you apart from the rest!

'Show what you want to shoot!'

headshot-1-4 (1).jpg




Unleash new creativity by adding a water element into your sessions. The uncontrollable nature of the ocean will challenge you to flow with your subjects to capture one-of-a-kind moments. I will walk you through the process I use to have successful shoreline session, including how I prepare myself + my couples + how I shoot for less editing in post-production. During our time together, each participant will have the opportunity to shoot our two models using my water housing or your own.


SelfforInsta-0057 (1).jpg



Tired of feeling cramped and limited when shooting boudoir in small spaces?

In "Shooting Boudoir in Tight Quarters: Strategies for Maximizing Your Space," I'm gonna give it to you straight and teach you all the insider tips and tricks to make the most out of any small space. We'll be covering all the essential stuff, like lens choice, utilizing the three dimensions of the space, and mastering light to create the perfect mood. Then the creative secrets, like how to add depth to a room that has none, how to get twice as many photos out of the same pose, and how to use motion is a game changer.

This class is for anyone who struggles to get variety in their photography, make good use of a small space or runs out of poses. Trust me, you'll be amazed at the difference a little tweak can make.

     Brina +


272709055_3116990435228446_1990445046916341794_n (1).webp
barebybrina-1-2 (1).jpg



Learn to create an addictive, life-changing experience for your clients you can implement immediately using tangible tools to optimize communication, individualization & client centered magic that directly results in additional income! Come on this nude portfolio building, hands-on, resource-heavy ADVENTURE with us!

4I3A4274 small (1).jpg




My focus is in shooting for bikini brands here on Maui, but my  tried and true flash techniques can easily be applied to
boudoir photography. We will be focusing on using off-camera flash to creative editorial swim and outdoor imagery that makes an impact. Key benefits are reduced cancelations due to unfavorable weather conditions, lack of daylight or for those who have indoor studios without natural light. Don’t be afraid of flash and level up with this class! Please bring your flash (speedlite/strobe) for the hands on portion of the workshop.
Lightstands will be provided for up to 5 students.

     Brina +


272709055_3116990435228446_1990445046916341794_n (1).webp
barebybrina-1-2 (1).jpg

Money Mindset


Required Materials: Pen & Notebook for Journaling

Suggested materials: Some GOALS you want to hit!

Mindset is the MOST important part of success when running your own business to continually keep your goals, life and SELF healthy and aligned!

Join Brina Braun & Andrea Mendoza in a brief introduction to manifestation, attraction, money mindset & goal planning so you can learn the WHY and the HOW in making the woo woo WORK.

The majority of our time will be spent participating in an interactive ceremony walking through how to engage in mindset journaling, visualization and tools to maximize abundance attraction & better understand how to keep the eye on the prize! Walk away from this class with vibes in the sky and ready to attract every dream you want!




This camp wide content shootout will contain all the ingredients you need to create jaw dropping portfolio images. Not only is camp bursting with tropical fauna, the West Maui Mountains are on one side and the ocean is on the other. Models will be provided and photographers are urged to take this time to create as much content as they want! 

the most


If I live on the island can I attend without paying for the stay at camp? Yes! All the classes are purchased separately so we can provide an easy way to customize your week with what YOU need most. Buy one class or 10! Whatever you'd love, just remember if you're a local and can provide proof of residency on the island you get 50% off TWO classes! The only ticket that is mandatory is the camp pass for the week. Learn more & Buy it here.

I am traveling in, can I book my own Airbnb and come to camp activities? It is extremely important that we host all traveling students at camp to keep this trip sustainable and eco-friendly. We will be going extra lengths to respect the land and to give more than we take. Maui is a truly powerful island full of amazing humans that deserve our utmost respect. We will have heavily enforced camp rules to ensure the safety of students and protect the island, water, and reefs. So... NO, We will not allow outside 'traveling students' to book their own stay and attend classes.

Can I bring my assistant to classes? Each class has a limited number of seats. You can absolutely buy your assistant a class seat if you wish to have them learn with you.


Is there Wi-Fi at the camp?  Yes there is Wi-Fi at the camp however, it is spotty in some places. 


How far is camp from the airport? A 35 min Uber.


Why do I need reef safe sunscreen? Sunscreen with chemicals that hurt the coral reef and animals will not be permitted at camp. Most zinc sunscreens are reef safe but please double check.  Non reef safe sunscreens will be confiscated!!!


Are we allowed to set up photo shoots around camp?  Absolutely, that’s why we chose such a beautiful location. We want you to get the most out of your stay and out of this experience. 


Am I allowed to use this content on my website and social media? Hell yeah, this whole trip is about making gorgeous content that will set you apart from the rest. 


Should I come even though I’m nervous and don’t know anyone? Absolutely hell to the yes. 


Will there be parking on site for my rental vehicle? There is ample parking at the campground. 


What if I have dietary restrictions?  Don’t worry, our private chef can handle most dietary needs you might have. Please make us aware when you purchase your spot. 


Is there someplace to charge my phone and gear? Yes, all cabins are equipped with multiple outlets and outlets are in the meeting hall & outdoor wifi area!


Do I need to bring a sleeping bag? Nope! Camp provides your bedding and shower towels. There are coin washing machines next to the meeting hall if you need them! You can bring your favorite pillow if you wanna be extra comfy. 


Do I need to bring snacks? extra snacks in your cabin are optional, but our Chef will be serving three meals a day along with two hearty snacks in between. 


When should I fly in? You should plan to arrive any time on the 19th, check in at the camp is 3pm. 


When should I fly out? You should to plan to fly out any time on the 25th after breakfast. Official check out is 11am


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