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We find the best photographers to inspire and educate you 
so you don't  waste time growing your business and art.


Want to know how YOU can become an educator?




Christina Meerloo

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Michael Sasser


Shannon K. Dougherty


Neil Mel

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Sara Starchild

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Teri Hofford


Pratik Naik


Allyssa DiGiovancarlo

new educator info

How can I become an educator with TBC?

🔥We are always looking for future educators🔥


Yesssss! You read that right!!!

2024 is already getting planned out and we are starting to search for the new educators of the future!! (This sounds epic, I know)


But seriously, I get asked all the time, how do we pick NEW educators for upcoming workshops and retreats and the answer is simple...


We are looking for someone who INSPIRES, teaches, interacts, and isnt afraid to be off their pedestal and be real with students in the community.


Now, lets get real for a second, our TBC team select's seasoned educators who are the best of the best , who are tried & true, and who have been inspiring for years as top educators in the industry... but in the TBC community we love to introduce one new educator every year and give them the shot they deserve to be seen!


We are always watching this group (and other groups!)…

Who is sharing beautiful work in TBC?

Who is uplifting others?

Who is inspiring?

Who has the most positive attitude?


If you want to be a NEW educator with us, start showing up in the group and make it known you’re here for the community we are growing together. It takes time to build a name & following so it's not going to be an instant success (it will be a lot of hard work) but it will be worth it!


If you want to educate with us in the future, get ready.

We are taking this shit to the NEXT LEVEL and you’re gonna want to hop on this train. We have big plans, new locations and MORE SPONSORS joining our team!



Who would you love to see educate with us?

Who really inspires you?

Would you nominate yourself and step up to the plate?


Ps. There is SO MUCH TALENT OUT THERE that has never educated.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Step 1. 

Step 2.

Join the TBC Facebook group here

Be inspiring, share your work, and get your name out there where people request and vote to learn from you!

Step 3.

Wait patiently for the call.  We take votes as a team and community to see who has been standing out and making a difference in the community. Who's got the best attitude, work ethic, art, and fan following!

We believe in growing this together.

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